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24kt Gold Chocolate Champagne Truffles

24kt Gold Chocolate Champagne Truffles

It’s not unusual for gold to be used in products for food and drink. Chocolate lovers everywhere, prepare yourself for a tantalizing and opulent treat!

Branded the world’s most luxurious chocolate experience, using the most expensive dark chocolate, and wrapped in 24kt gold; The Chocolate company creates “Luxury Truffles” and the taste is hidden behind carefully selected ingredients.

24kt Gold Chocolate Champagne Truffles

The Chocolate is so special that is has taken more than two years to perfect, thus creating a smoother tasting experience and even though the entire ingredient mix is a secret, champagne is also used to fill the truffles and a lot of it.

All 15 truffles are hand crafted so that no two will be same and a contemporary boutique style box was created, using recycled material, just to further exemplify the effort that went into this magnificent creation of splendor.

More than 400 Swarovski crystals adorn each box, making it a collector’s item and to maintain individuality each box is numbered with it’s own certificate. Priced at $285.

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