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‘Bake@Holic’ homemade bakery can deliver for you

When you are tired from your work, it would be very nice to take a seat on your own comfortable chair and sip an aromatic coffee with a piece of your favorite cake. Bake@Holic, the online bakery shop, can deliver delectable cakes and cookies to fulfill your desire at your own home.

Bake@Holic differs from other bakeries since it does not have a physical shop! Whenever customers want to buy cakes or cookies, they need to order via a phone call or email or facebook. The owner of the bakery said that this way allows her to concentrate better on baking the cakes and cookies for each customer. Moreover, she uses only fresh ingredients.  As a result, Bake@Holic’s cakes and cookies taste really good and look like they are from a five – star hotel.

Its most popular products are chocolate cakes, coconut cakes, banana cakes, pandanas cake, oat cookies, and freeze peanut cookies. The shop delivers them by each order in Phuket town and on the Bypass Road. The customers residing off the areas can receive their order at the bakery located on Phang Nga Road.

To order cake and cookies, call 081-3701189 or email:, or

Bake@Holic Family

The exclusive recipe of their chocolate cake from Bake@Holic was also filmed by Phuketindex on

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