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Feedback : Twinpalms 7th Anniversary Party

Twinpalms 7th Anniversary Party Saturday, 24 Sep 2011 @Catch Beach Club Surin Beach
Featuring โดม ปกรณ์ ลัม Dome Pakorn Lam, กลองไทโกะ องศาศิลป์ Taiko Drums: Ongsasilp, And Saxophone Man, Jaturong Rungjareun, Num by T-Bone, Prirasuth Pattanajindarak, Dj Sammii, Samuel Robert, Jay Leshark,  Dj Joey, Kiattisak Martwanna

Neill Thacker, Head of Arts British international school
“Yeah I think this is fantastic you know, it’s great to see so many people having a good time. Dancing and drinking, fantastic! Just like the old days in Las Vegas, thank you very much.”


Marcus Dahlqvist, Sales of Bromma Express AB and Richard Rahm, Sales of Rahms
“Perfect, very good! It’s really nice to be here. I was here for last year’s party and there are a lot more people this year. We like it a lot.” Marcus siad.
“I like it a lot too. This is my first time here and I’m so glad that I came.” Richard said.


Gabe Mizner and Jeo Pirrera, Students.
“The vibe is really good right now, there are loads of people. It’s so crowded that I’ve even lost my friends. “  Jeo siad.
“I’m loving it man! So many drinks, so many beautiful girls perfect!”  Gabe said.


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