Feedback from wine dinner of The classy Tommasi wines are back at Acqua restaurant

The classy Tommasi wines are back at Acqua restaurant in Kalim for a wine dinner on Monday 12 September, when the wines will be presented by Ms Elena Bortoletto from the winery. We put a wonderful meal together to match the 4 wines from the Italian Veneto region and the Grappa di Amarone invecchiata! Features of the evening will be the Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso and the famous Amarone Classico DOC.


Gorge Des, General Manager of Jagota Phuket
“The dinner was enjoyable and the company was entertaining. I would advise anybody to come and attend any future events which are held here.”

Elena Bortoletto, Export and Sales of Tommasi Viticoltori 1902
“This event was a very good wine dinner. There are many people from many different countries which makes in very interesting. The people are very interested in learning more about Italian wines, more specifically about Tommasi wine, so I’m very happy with the event.”

Silvano Amolini, Executive Chef of Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket
“This has been fantastic,, the wine was great and the food from Alessandrou was superb as usual. Honestly the whole event has been great and the chef has really put in a lot of effort to make sure that the food paired with the wine wonderfully.”

Tobias Lauinger from Tobias Lauinger Consulting
“I have to say that it has been an absolute pleasure being here. Excellent wine, excellent food, very nice company and perfect exchange of views on the good things in life. What I would like to add is a little bit about our wonderful hosts Alessandrou and his amazing wife. Acqua is always a very nice place to come and it is one of the best restaurants you can find on Phuket, this is the best of fine wine and dine and it’s close to the beach.”

Alessandro Frau, Executive Chef and Owner of Acqua restaurant
“I hope that everything was fine and that everyone enjoyed themselves. We have has some of the best Italian wines here tonight and I just hope that everyone is happy.”


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