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Feedback : Anantara Phuket Villas present Infinity Sunset Grill

Panika Korsakul (Kate), Sales and PR Coordinator of Anantara Phuket Villas
“We have tried to make this event tonight a family event with great seafood. It’s great to see people having fun.”

Charle Eng, Singapore
“I have come here with my family and today is a fantastic event for us to attend. The food is fantastic, the event is interesting and i like the environment. Very good event, thank you Anantara very much!”

Lana(left)and Alan(right) Cumming, Switzerland
“It’s great entertainment. The music is good and there’s a good atmosphere.” Alan said.

“We only got here this morning and I can tell even now that this is much better than any holiday we have had in Europe. It’s great value for money and there are lots of very nice people. Very happy that we’re here!” Lana said.

Nitichai Nenraksa, Director of Food and Beverage

“Even though the weather is not so good, the overall service of the food has been excellent. The wine is good and the DJ’s are playing some great music. For me it’s perfect, keep an eye out for it next year because we will be back with another spectacular event.”

Andrew Turner, General Manager of Anantara Phuket Villas

“It’s been a great event not only for us but for all the North Phuket hotels. We have all pulled together to put on 3 great events to showcase the great food and beverage that we each have. It’s been a great night and everybody is relaxed. Good music, good food, good wine and good company.”


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