Feed back Cocktail Party Celebrating 60 Years of Australian – Thai Bilateral Relations


Cocktail Party Celebrating 60 Years of Australian – Thai Bilateral Relations. Host by Simon Farbenbloom, Deputy Head of Mission Australian Embassy Bangkok at The Chava Resort, Surin Beach, Phuket – 01 September 2011

Laura-Dundovic – Miss-Australia 2008 and James Kertey – Australian TV presenter
Ah it’s very good great food and lovely company and there are some very inspirational people here tonight. We’ve met a lot of great characters. We took a Thai cooking class the other day so at least now I have a girlfriend who can cook. Phuket is a lovely place and today has been wonderful.

James Cawood – Phuket international hospital

This event is great; I’m having a wonderful time! There are some great cocktails and a wonderful spread of food. I’m enjoying it so much and I’ve even had a chance to meet the ambassador of Australia along with some high profile VIP guests who are staying here. It’s been a very enjoyable event!

Wal Brown – International Liason Volunteer
It’s a great chance for people to get together and speak about common issues and problems and try to find away of resolving those issues. It’s a beautiful place Phuket and it has beautiful people and it’s a great place to share what we have to share.


Larry Cunningham – GM the chava resort
Well we’re very happy that the event is being held tonight as a celebration of 60 years bilateral relations between Australia and Thailand. That’s an amazing 60 years that the two countries have had a diplomatic and trade relationship and we’re very happy that the celebration of those 60 years has been here in Phuket. We’re particularly happy that the Australian Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission, Simon Farbenbloom has been able to attend the event and also the number of Thai dignitaries who have joined us today. Thankfully it hasn’t rained so we’re very happy so far with the way that things have preceded.

We’re particularly pleased that we have a lot of people here who have done a lot for Phuket, particularly Dr Gerhard Melcher from Vachira Hospital, who has helped Australians who have been in trouble for many years and we’re so happy he has joined us tonight and taken time out of his busy schedule.


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