Chat with guests @ Lift Off Party – East 88 Beach Lounge 

On Sunday 14th November, East 88 Beach Lounge held its Lift Off Party. It was a chill-out afternoon with great people, music, drinks and food!!!! The Floating Lounge on the Luxury Yacht Lady Anita was available throughout the Day and DJ’s Doris and Andrew from 91.5 FM entertained with a great blend of music. Bikini Models showed off some stunning new swimwear and kids were entertained with various activities.

And we have some of the opinions of those who went to join the party!!!

east 88

Brian – Guide Agent

“Thanks East 88, I feel very happy with the party. Beautiful sea, luxury hotel, delicious food and the atmosphere on the yacht was very fascinating!”

east 88

Joseph – Guest

“This is the first time I have been to Phuket. No wonder everyone who comes here is fascinated. In addition to its natural beauty, the activities offered on the island are colorful and extremely entertaining!”

east 88

Janet – Guest

“Oh … Wow, you just have to look around. You see smiles from everyone who attended the party. I say that for those who do not join East 88. Hopefully next time I will meet some of those smiles again!”

east 88

DJ Greedy T

“Thanks to every guest who attended this party. I hope my music makes people enjoy life. And this time I consider my work successful, because I think everybody liked my music a lot!”

east 88Chef  Stephan

“Enjoy the food, that was my work for this party. Although food is just one element of a great party, the fun would end if the food was not tasty. I created the food for those who have joined us and hopefully next time I will cook for you again!”


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