The opinion of visitors to ‘Phuket Food and Beverage Show 2010′

The ‘Phuket Food and Beverage Show 2010′ took place on 30 July  – 1 Aug 2010 at Central Festival Phuket’s HomeWorks complex on the bypass road. The three day event featured various shows including contests and exhibitions in bartending, cooking, linen folding, wine serving, ice carving and more.

These are some of the opinions of people at the Phuket Food and Beverage Show 2010.

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(Left) Nichakarn Nilthanaphrat (Center) Thunyalak Yingkong (Right) Rapeeporn Chiwgaboot

1. Nichakarn Nilthanaphrat (graphic designer)

“It shows the strengthening relationship among the hotels participating in activities together. The retail sector launches many services together. The show is very interesting.”

2. Thunyalak Yingkong (student)

“It’s good for the hotel industry and makes them do activities together. The various contests make it very interesting. I hope the event next year will be fun and as interesting as this year.”

3. Rapeeporn Chiwgaboot (student)

“I was excited to see the Phuket Governor, interested to watch a lot different stalls open and taste many foods and beverages. I liked the contests such as the various carving and bartender competitions. It was also good to see various entertainments as well”

(Left) Anucha Ketsaro (Right) John Economou

4. Anucha Ketsaro (executive chef)

“The event promotes unity among hotels in Phuket. The ice carving competition had fine beautiful charm. The exhibition of food products and many household appliances made it an enjoyable Food and Beverage Show 2010.”

5. John Economou (operations manager)

“It’s so busy. A lot of people come here. It’s a wonderful event very nice. Thanks to the organisers.”

Photo Event from ‘Phuket Food and Beverage Show 2010’

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