Feedback from the opening of ‘BAKE’ by Twinpalms

There were many people in the party at the opening of ‘BAKE’ by Twinpalms Cherng Talay branch held on 10th June, 2010 under the name “Liquid Chocolate Party”. Delicious desserts and champagne were served to the guests as a complementary along with hectic music playing in the background. Here are the opinions of some participants.

“Nice party! Inside is so good but outside was too noisy from the traffic. All bakeries are so delicious but too expensive” –  Peter Smith

“Good Champaign, bakery, atmosphere, music. I love it!! So, this is the best one that I will choose when I want some tea time” – Henry Kaye

“I like it! This is a good place for chilling out. I love to sit at the outside around the natural, green field, sky, birds and so on. But it’s too noisy from the traffic because it’s located on T-Junction. But all of BAKE, I think, is very good!” – DJ. Pieraja

“Chocolate tastes delicious. Inside and outside were beautiful. If I have a chance, I will come back here again for desserts” – Siripong Mukda

“It is a fun party. The atmosphere is cool and so relaxed. Staff and people are very nice. The bakeries are also second to none. I love it!” – Paradorn Promkird

Photo Event – Liquid Chocolate Party @ BAKE

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  1. its loooooooooooookk great
    Twinpalms will continue to be … the most exiting, the best bakery. Onre of the <ISSO> spot on the Island


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