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Feedback of Beauty Spa Kitchen by Su-Mei Yu @ Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

On Tuesday 21st June 2011 Mom Tri’s Villa Royale was proud to present an event entitled “Beauty Spa Kitchen by Su-Mei Yu”.

Bangkok born Su-Mei demonstrated an alternative use of ingredients easily found in the kitchen and garden to make natural and health treatments. Now living in America Su-Mei often returns to learn natural medicinal secrets and healing remedies from her mentors.


Beverley Bonning(Left) - Lotta Hansson (Middle) - Lisa Allen (Right)

Beverley BonningI liked the idea that you can recycle everything that has been used in the food into other products. Very impressive!

Lotta Hansson – I really liked today, it was very clear and easy.

Lisa Allen– The presentation was very good, I really enjoyed it. It was great to see so much healthy food mixed with health products for your hair and skin.

Rashmi Chandwaskar

Rashmi Chandawaskar– It was very informative; I got to know some Thai names for ingredients which I did not know before. We got to learn a lot today.

Angela Goding (Su-Mei's daughter)

Angela Goding (Su-Mei‘s Daughter) – I thought it was wonderful.  It’s a great treat for the guests that are staying at Villa Royale to come and hear about something they are going to be able to use at home to make themselves feel good both inside and out. I hope the people take these ideas and use them. I think the event has gone very well.


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