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Feed back of Flame Opening Garden Party

July 9th 2011 – Twinpalms, Phuket’s Most Exciting & Stylish Contemporary Hospitality Group, held a grand opening party to launch a sizzling new addition to its repertoire of acclaimed eateries. FLAME offers Phuket’s resident and visiting gastro-pleasure seekers some hot new flavours and the island’s first Garden Rotisserie. And these are the feed back from some people that had enjoy with Flame party..


Karen Dllison, Duke’s Big Board Bar.

“I didn’t even know about this event until a couple of hours ago. I had heard something about it opening but I actually managed to find out about the event on Facebook. I think its excellent, it’s a great way to try a little bit of everything and when I come back I will know what I want to order.”

Nuttaphat Niphatphattarachai – Operation Manager, Twinpalms

“It’s very good and I hope that everybody enjoys our party for the opening of Flame. Welcome to everybody, I’m enjoying it so much.”

Nitiwadee Manabut Ms. (Sophia)Sales & Public Relations Executive, Twinpalms

“It’s turned out very good, we didn’t really put out a lot of promotion for it, we really only sent out emails to our loyalty customers but so many people have turned up. It has turned out to be a big event for Phuket and we are really proud about it.”

Dan Paris, Regional Managing Director-Integer

“It’s a beautiful event; unfortunately I’ve only just arrived so I’ve not seen too much just yet. But I’m sure by the looks of the people already here I’m going to enjoy myself.”


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