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Feedback : North Phuket’s longest dinning table at SALA Phuket Resort and Spa and Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa

Plalida Khamsong(Gift), PR/Marketing Assistant of Class Act Media Company
“This is my first time at this event and I think it’s absolutely stunning. Everything here is so beautiful, and I love it. It’s so impressive! The food is amazing and the people are lovely and friendly.”

Dave and Rebecca Pollack, New York

“It’s a really fun event, the food is great and the drinks are flowing. Everybody seems to be having a really good time here at the Longest Table in North Phuket.” Dave said.
“It’s really beautiful, everything is so tasty and I’m happy that I’ve come here today.” Rebecca said.

Jason Nuell, General Manager of Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa

“For the second year running it’s been a great event. We’ve had perfect weather and it has been a great success. The table looked great and I’ve got no complaints at all. Thank you everybody for coming.

Jorge De la Torre, Events Thailand Directors

“I’m glad I’m here for the second year running and I can say that it is a nice event with the same theme as last year; I can’t wait for the other two days events. I hope to see everybody again next year for the third festival.”


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