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Mailyn Band Exhibition at VR Gallery

Mailyn Band Exhibition at VR GalleryOn Saturday 29th November 2012, Mom Tri’s VR Gallery held the opening reception of an exhibition of well-known Phuket artist Marilyn Band’s latest art work, oil paintings and watercolours, inspired by scenes from her recent travels in exotic locations.

Nautical scenes, anchorages and island life are among my favourite themes,” said Marilyn. “Often attractive women or goddesses, real or imaginary, are hidden somewhere in the picture, adding mystery and glamour to the story.”

Marilyn’s paintings, water colours and paper cut-outs grace the walls of many Phuket villas. The artist has had numerous exhibitions in Thailand and internationally, most recently in France.

Here’s what some of the guests at the reception had to say:

Mailyn Band Exhibition at VR Gallery
It’s a wonderful gallery and a wonder space to display paintings. The artists work is fantastic, I’ve known Marilyn for over 16 years and it’s good to see how her work has grown and evolved.
Mailyn Band Exhibition at VR Gallery
Mom Tri built Phuket’s artists a beautiful gallery and I’m so happy that I’m able to display my work here in his gallery. Doing an exhibition in Villa Royale for Mom Tri is always a great honour and I love to put my work in his gallery. People always seem to come to the events here, and I think it’s his magic that makes people come.
Mailyn Band Exhibition at VR Gallery
This gallery is wonderful; it has great views and the work on display by Marilyn Band’s work, who has been an artist here in Phuket for over 30 years, is great. It’s actually nice to be able to see what new work she has been doing. I‘m very happy to be here tonight with a number of great people!
Mailyn Band Exhibition at VR Gallery
I think tonight’s event is very good and I’m glad that we have a chance to see Marilyn’s new work. I already own a couple of pieces of her work so it’s really good to see the new stuff she’s doing.

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