Michelin chef “Jordi Roca” at Trisara

Michelin chef "Jordi Roca" at Trisara
Chef Jordi Roca

On Wednesday 4th April, Phuket Media were invited to an exclusive press cocktail party at Trisara Resort to meet with renowned Chef Jordi Roca during his first trip to Thailand. The youngest of the renowned Roca brothers, Jordi is a star of the culinary world.

Chef Jordi is known for his innovative and inherently creative style in desserts and for touching personal emotion through cuisine.

Michelin chef "Jordi Roca" at Trisara

El Celler de Can Roca – owned by the three Roca brothers, including older brothers Joan and Josep – has held three star status in the Michelin Guide since 2009.

Among many accolades, in 2011 El Celler de Can Roca was voted second best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine. In December 2011 the Restaurant appeared on the UK television series MasterChef: The Professionals. The Roca brothers are also authors of five of their own culinary books and have paved the way for a type of cuisine that is committed to research and an avant-garde approach.

Courted by the culinary media throughout the world, Jordi often breaks down the floral notes in famous scents, and incorporates them all into different aspects of a single dish, recreating the ‘perfume’.

“The culinary experience is interesting because it will be attached to your previous memories – tied to your memories from childhood – so what you feel may be different from what your neighbour is feeling,” said Chef Jordi. “Cooking is not just about transforming ingredients but about preserving the ingredient’s natural flavour.”

Chef Jordi will create a custom menu for the exclusive dinner, promising an unforgettable experience for those in attendance.

“There are two aspects of flavour combinations that are important to me,” said Chef Jordi. “I like traditional combinations but done with new interpretations. But also the balance is important to me. Salt, sweet, sour, savoury. I want pieces of each in my dishes, with a little bitter on the tongue.”

“It is our passion to be able to offer our guests exclusive and memorable experiences,” commented Anthony Lark, Executive Director and General Manager of Trisara. “The talented culinary team at Trisara have developed dishes for our guests that take full advantage of the fine and abundant local produce we enjoy in Phuket and we are thrilled to be able to welcome Jordi Roca to Trisara to share his world famous talent in this beautiful environm

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