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New Food Hall @ Central Festival Phuket and its customers’ comments

New Food Hall @ Central Festival Phuket

Central Festival Phuket has been serving Phuket’s community since 2004, just a little before the tsunami hit the Andaman shore and turned this island’s high season into crisis. There was no exception for Central Festival Phuket, as businesses had to struggle to survive despite the fact that they came with a strong base.

However, it has proved itself through the New Food Hall and its customers’ comments past five years and finally became a focalpoint for the island’s fashionable people.

Ms. Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree
Ms. Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree

“We have now become the ‘meeting point’ or in other words the ‘living room’ for most people on this island!! With our full shopping & entertaining services and all conveniences, Central Festival Phuket has brought to Phuket new lifestyle trends and new tourism related businesses. We take pride in becoming one of Phuket’s landmarks and a must-come-to venue.” states Ms Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree, the General Manager/Marketing Director of Central Festival Phuket.

In the celebration of its 6th year anniversary, Central Festival Phuket fl agged Asia for its next goal. As Wilaiporn said “It’s one of Asia’s best shopping and lifestyle destinations and it’s now undergoing major renovation and upgrading with new international and local retail brands and new facilities – all the best of the best services to feature.”

Before the renovations complete in December and the major re-launch event at Central Festival Phuket’s new look this X’Mas season, its recently launched Central Food Hall seems to be the talk of the town for a while. Central Food Hall has set to be one of Asia’s finest food stores offering the most extensive and exclusive selections of food from all around the world. It supplies an abundance of premium food products including fresh meat, seafood, a wide selection of cheese, fruit and vegetables, readyto-eat food and many other consumer products from top local and international producers.

It also has large in-store bakery providing an immense variety of bread, pastries and cakes, and customers can choose from either or both Eastern or Western baking styles.

And what about its customers’ opinions?

customers' commentsPaparwin ‘May’ Pachantabutr
Deputy Managing Director of Kan Eang@pier and Patak Villa

“Of course, I’m so happy with the huge advancement of the Food Hall. There are really wide ranges of products and plenty of quality food for me to choose here. But it’s not only the food I enjoy; our new restaurant “Vset” also uses kitchenware from Central Festival.”

Praewpayom Aikwanich
customers' commentsAssistant Advertising Sales Manager

“Why Central Festival? There are many reasons I love to spend my free time here. They have a lot of shops. Parking is convenient. Its location allows an easy access, so for me travelling is convenient as well. The newly launched Central Food Hall is so lovable. It has a lot.. a lot more to fi nd. Central Festival Phuket in my opinion is what teenagers like for a perfect lifestyle in Phuket.”

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