Feel the sensation of unique gourmet theatre & restaurant @ Palazzo Phuket

Palazzo Phuket

What can I say except for what a great and unique experience is to be had at Palaazo Theater and Restaurant! Upon arrival, I found the car parking was big and there was no problem trying to park.

Upon approaching the main gate, there was a red carpet leading to the main entrance and some small tables surrounding the open space in front of the Theater where you could relax and enjoy a drink before the show and meal began.

Palazzo PhuketThe time came to enter the actual Theater itself, the VIP guests and the Press were swiftly ushered inside to their allocated seats without delay.

Upon entrance to the main arena the feeling was sensational. The atmosphere and decoration inside made you feel like you were genuinely sat in a typical European Theater.

The show began and what a unique experience it was, the costumes and entertainers were amazing and you really then did have the sense of being in Europe itself (FANTASTIC!!). During breaks in the show and whilst eating, magicians were all around the theater entertaining guest with various tricks. No table went without an individual performance of their own.

The set menu consisted of 5 courses of Mediterranean cuisine with a hint of Asian flavour. The chef Maya Noosawat certainly pleased everybody especially offering a set menu specifically for vegetarians only. Drinks were also available throughout the performance.

The show and meal lasted for around 3 hours which was just around the right length of time. The service from arrival until leaving was impressive, the staff were so friendly and everybody was served in good time.

A highly recommended fun night out for all ages. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!

Palazzo Phuket

Palazzo Phuket

Palazzo Phuket

Palazzo Phuket

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