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Phuket’s Longest Table Event

Phuket's Longest Table EventOn Friday 30th November 2012, the epic longest table event was held at SALA Phuket Resort & Spa and Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa as part on the 3rd annual North Phuket Culinary Arts Festival.

Here’s what some of the guests had to say about the event:

Phuket's Longest Table Event
I thinks tonight has been lovely, it’s been very nice to come here and see all of the different culinary offerings being presented. It’s been a fantastic night.
Phuket's Longest Table Event
I think tonight has been really fantastic. Everybody has worked so hard to get it right this evening and everything is perfect.
Phuket's Longest Table Event
The event has been amazing, the food has been really good and I’ve had a great time.
Phuket's Longest Table Event
I think tonight has been excellent, there is a lot of sunshine in everybody’s heart and that’s why I love it so much.

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