Feedback from the grand opening of ‘Pimento Bar’

On Monday 8th November 2010 we was happy to see the opening of the new branch of Pimento Bar, within the Lan-Lom area of Central Festival Phuket. We have taken comments from people in Phuket Society who joined in this grand opening.

Pimento Bar
Khun Lek – Owner of Pimento Bar & Restaurant

“As the owner of this project, I feel very happy that the Grand Opening is such a success. Pimento Bar and The Fashion Show have been supported very well, thank you very much.”

Pimento Bar

Khun Gift – King’s Kitchen Phuket

“Great fun party, the fashion show was very colourful. Everything is perfect and I hope Pimento Bar continued appreciation.”

Pimento Bar

Khun Ben – Blue Elephant Phuket

“The bar is very beautiful. Food and drink, tastes good. Please come to this place, you will understand what I say.”

Pimento Bar

Khun Bow – Sri Panwa Phuket

“Lan-Lom area of Central Festival Phuket is the perfect location to party. It’s well equipped, has great colour and a great atmosphere. Congratulations for Pimento Bar for launching here.”
Pimento Bar

Khun Janet – Impiana Hotel Kata

“I feel glad to have joined in with this fashion show; all the clothing designs are beautiful. Cool bar, cool drink and good food, everything is excellent.”

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