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Feedback – Grand Opening Sala Suddhavasa internal arts centre

Grand Opening Sala Suddhavasa internal arts centre at 15 October 2011- Sala Suddhavasa is a heavenly abode on earth. An internal arts centre for yoga . taichi . chigung . meditation. ENTER THE REALM.

William Wu Xin Ware – Tai chi trainer
I think it went really well today. I hope people learnt a little bit about what we do and are offering people. I’ve had a really good day and I hope everybody else did too. It’s been very successful, the line dancers were great and we really appreciate the monks coming and blessing our place.

Adam Mizner – Tai chi Master

I’m happy with the success of people coming, it’s all good.

Linda Overman
I think it’s been a wonderful event. It’s such a beautiful centre and it was great to see the demonstrations and understand what they offer here.

Cora Bright  (left)
I already do the yoga here and this just demonstrates how far you can go with it and how beautiful a practice it is. The surroundings here are stunning and I really appreciated the Tai Chi demonstrations, it shows that it’s not just a beautiful dance but also has a lot of health benefits too. Very well presented, well done!

Able Wanamakok, Managing Director of AW PR&Marketing

I think it’s been great! I’ve seen a lot about Tai Chi and Yoga that I’ve never seen before. I’m not familiar with either of these practices but I found the demonstrations absolutely amazing. It’s been a great experience.


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