Short chat with celebrities in concert @ Sri panwa Phuket

Spoil your Life
Sri panwa’s Baba Poolclub hosted a ‘Spoil Your Life’ free concert and party by Good FM 98.5 had a brief exclusive chat with Mario Maurer, a ‘young-blood’ movie star and Hoi – Kiattisak Udomnak, a famous comedy star.

Spoil your Life
Mario Maurer

Mario said:

“Sri Panwa Phuket is very beautiful. This is the first time I came here. It has the best atmosphere and great views. It has acoustic music and delicious food which makes me very impressed. I hope Sri panwa is organizing more cool events like this.”

Hoi - Kiattisak Udomnak
Hoi - Kiattisak Udomnak

Hoi said:

“There are beautiful women in a great atmosphere with live music; it makes me feel very relaxed. The food and drink from Sri panwa is delicious. Thanks for the opportunity given by Good FM radio to enjoy the activities here. I will be back to visit here again, definitely.”

Photo Event from Spoil Your Life @ Sri panwa Phuket

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