Talk with GM & Staff in Thank You Party from Courtyard Marriott Phuket

Thank You Party from Courtyard Marriott Phuket

On Friday 28th January 2011 JW Marriott Courtyard held a small party to thank its partners and associates to thank them for their support during the past 12 months and to celebrate the opening of their Sundowners Beach Club. managed to ask the GM Theera Kanjuna some brief questions about his success.

Theera Kanjuna - GM of Courtyard Marriott Phuket
Theera Kanjuna - GM of Courtyard Marriott Phuket

You are GM of 3 Courtyard Resorts here in Phuket, how did you become so successful at your job?

I don’t think there is one particular thing that has made me successful; it’s a combination of things. I think the main things are to love to work with your people, love to work with what you have and know what the customers want. I have worked for Marriott for 34 years now; it is Marriott’s belief that if Marriott takes care of their staff, the staff will take care of their guests. So that is what we do and that is why we have the success that we do.

Is there any aspect of your job that you enjoy more?

I am enjoying the party we are holding right now. But on a more serious note, the hotel business is all about service and about people; you meet a lot of people. When people come to your resort you want to make them happy so that they come back again. That’s what I really enjoy about the job, making sure people have such a good time they want to come back.

How do you manage to run 3 resorts at one time?

I have good people around me that I can trust will take care of people and customers and make sure they have everything they need. This makes my life very easy.

Do you get any personal time if so what do you like to do in it?

Yes I do have personal time. When it’s my personal time, I like to be at home with my family. I do sometimes like to go out but if I do I have to make sure that it is somewhere where there is going to be no people. I am surrounded by people in my work time so my personal time is my personal time.

Comments from other members of staff

Courtyard Marriott PhuketKewalin Sukumjittanon: Cluster Marketing Communications Manager

“This event is to say thank you to our partners for the business relationship we have had throughout the past year and so that the relationship will continue. It is also to celebrate the opening of our Sundowners Beach Club. It is a great night so far. It is the first time we have held a dinner party at the beach club and everything is going well”

Courtyard Marriott Phuket

Prawate Khumchart: Cluster Director of Sales

“This is the first time we have done a party for our partners in Phuket and I think it’s a wonderful concept. We will continue this next year and the year after”

Courtyard Marriott Phuket

David Lance: Director of Operations

“Tonight is very good, our team have done a fantastic job setting this up and we just want to say thank you to everybody, to the agents who support us and give us our business. I hope that next year we will see more people”

Courtyard Marriott Phuket

Anurak Kanittharat: Executive Chef

“I think it’s great; it’s very simple and relaxing”

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