Feedback to Renaissance Phuket in Grape & Grazing 2011

Renaissance Resort and Spa opened The North Phuket’s Grapes and Grazing Event. The four day event is a new chapter in The North Phuket’s culinary journey and offered guests a rare opportunity to taste wines from Australian winemaker Peter Lehmann’s vineyards in the Barossa Valley, paired with cuisine chosen and prepared by Renaissance’s Executive Chef Nathan Chilcott.

Jason Nuell, GM of Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa
“I’m certainly happy with how the event has gone tonight, we’ve had great numbers and exactly the numbers that we expected to have. It’s amazing that people travel this far. The food was sensational; it matched the wine perfectly so we’re pleased with how the whole night has gone. It’s a great opportunity for our team to show what they can do. It’s not often that we can do wine dinners to show the craft of the kitchen and service team and tonight they’ve done an outstanding job.”

Parani Chitrakorn, wine writer-winesmart 101 
“Well this is the first time I’ve attended a wine dinner in Phuket and I think it’s still at the beginning and there’s still a long way to go. Talking about the service, it’s not quite there yet for me. With regards to the food, I like what the chef is doing and trying to create but the service let it down. I really liked the ravioli and the beef but I haven’t tried the sweet yet but I’m sure it will be as good. However, overall it was quite a good wine dinner; Lehmanns wine is an Australian wine that people know and is becoming very popular with wine drinkers.”

Peter Kelly, Wine maker – Peter Lehmann of Barossa
“This has been a fantastic event showcasing the best food and the best wine. There’s been such a fantastic atmosphere and everybody is obviously enjoying themselves. The chef has prepared some great dishes and I’m so happy to have been a part of the event here in North Phuket. I’m only in town for one night and if I wanted to spend one night in Phuket this is where I would want to be. I’m very happy.”

Phattarachanok Boat B., Host & Executive Producer – Gramor
“This is the first time for me to join in the events at North Phuket and I’m happy to be here at this dinner tonight. The food was delicious and the wine very good. However, I feel the atmosphere and environment could be better. However, I would still like to come back for the next event in December.”

Kreangsak Leing (Ken), PR and Media Relations – Agoda
“I think this event is very nice and the food and wine have been amazing. I would say that some of the dishes have been a little bit cold, but that is the only negative comment. Overall it’s been very nice.”

Thawatchai Deepattana, Editor – Atittude
“It’s a great event tonight, it’s been wonderful. There’s been plenty of good food and great wine. I think it’s been very good.”

Paweena Wongprad(Pommy), Assistant to Managing Director of V PR 

I thought that event is so great. Most of food is so delicious and beautiful. Perfect!!


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