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Urban Food Central Festival Opening Cocktail

21 October 2011– Urban Food heads to Phuket Town to open their branch at Central Festival Phuket. With an extended redesigned menu, Urban Food offers an affordable dining alternative to Central Festival. This new menu will satisfy all islanders, Thais, local residents, & travelers, for an enjoyable and affordable dining experience right in the City Center.

Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree, General Manager & Marketing Director of Central Festival Phuket
Urban food is the newest restaurant in the Lan Lom Circle, Central Festival. It’s an International and Asian restaurant/bar which i think will become very famous, just the same as Wine Connection. We have been talking with the owner, Jean, who is very kind to have come and opened his new restaurant here, and we think this restaurant will be one of the top hits here on the island. You can see that the people who have gathered here tonight are a good variety of expats, locals and international tourists, so we can see that it’s going to be very, very successful.

Jean – Francois Verdon, MD of Urban Food

It’s a very successful event; many people have attended as you can see. We have so many different nationalities here, French, German, English, Finnish, Russian and Thai. The decor inside the restaurant is “Pop Art” so it’s very colourful. We have used 8 different colours, which we hope blends with the food. We have many different food stations, a grill, a pasta bar, a salad bar, the wok station and Italian pizzas also, all complemented with a large selection of wine. I hope the people that come here will enjoy the food; we can assure you it will taste good and the place will have a great atmosphere.

Ilya Makarov, Russian Teacher of Rajabhat Phuket
This is a very nice place, and the food is very nice too. You can find a lot of foreign food, which is a great idea. I want everybody to enjoy themselves and enjoy the food.

Malinie Sucharittanarak, Director of Sales & Marketing of Valcucine Thailand

I think it’s great tonight. It’s a good get together and a great concept to the restaurant. It’s a great combination of food. The prices are very reasonable too. It’s great, thank you.

Frederic Garnier, MD of Urban Food
It’s going very well, we’re very happy to welcome all of our friends from around the island. It’s our second restaurant in Phuket and I’m really proud to now be in Central Festival, and closer to town. This is just a step before next year when we are going to open a 3rd store, which will be in Bangkok. That will be a totally new adventure for us.

Rivas Boptiste, GM of Urban Food at Jungceylon

I’m the new manager of the Jungceylon branch and I’m very happy to have joined the team of Urban Food. I would like to say thank you to everybody at Urban Food for supporting me and i hope that everything is OK for our guests who have attended the event tonight.


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