Bananas “A wonderful addition to a variety of recipes”

Kan Eang @ pierWonderfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh, bananas come prepackaged in their own yellow jackets and are available for harvest throughout the year.

The banana plant grows 10 to 26 feet and belongs to the same family as the lily and the orchid.

The cluster of fruits contain anywhere from 50 to 150 bananas with individual fruits grouped in bunches, known as “hands,” containing 10 to 25 bananas.

Creamy, rich, and sweet, bananas are a favourite food for everyone from infants to elders. Sports enthusiasts appreciate the potassium-power delivered by this high energy fruit.

Here at Kan Eang @ pier we are firm believers that bananas are a wonderful addition to a variety of recipes from salads to baked goods.

Here are a few of our wonderful dishes that use bananas as an ingredient:

  • Chicken on bone curry with young banana
  • Fresh banana flower salad
  • Crispy banana blossom with shrimp salad
  • Fresh banana flower salad
  • Passion fruit & Banana Tart
  • Oven baked banana, citrus gastrique, macadamia ice cream
  • Sweet banana Fritter, seasonal berry, vanilla ice cream

Kan Eang @ pier

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