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It was an early start for all enthused chefs on Thursday 6th January 2011 and I had to whip into gear to make sure I arrived at JW Marriott, Resort and Spa Phuket, by 8 am to meet my fellow students for the Thai cooking course at Ginja Cook. The course starts early because the introduction is a trip to the local Khokkloy market. Here the instructor gave tips and tricks in the use of Thai fruits and vegetables and explained in great detail about the use of the multicoloured spices!

Ginja cookOnce back at JW Marriott we were taken to the Ginja cook building. This building was designed by the award-winning Bensley Design Studios in Bangkok. It celebrates southern architecture and is built in the style of a typical Thai Sala using teakwood as its main material. Floor to ceiling glass sliding doors provide natural light and showcase stunning views of the resort’s fragrant gardens and the Andaman Sea. The instructor began by discussing the three dishes we were about to attempt to make. Luckily for me, prior to us being thrown into the fire, the instructor presented a cookery demonstration of the dishes that we would have to prepare! To make life even easier, each student also received a leaflet for each individual recipes of the day.

Ginja Cook Day Program

Pla Nueng Manao (Steamed seabass with spicy lime sauce)
Pla Nueng Manao

The task ahead of me was to prepare and cook the following three dishes.

  1. Gai Yang Krueng Gaeng (Grilled chicken with curry sauce)
  2. Pla Nueng Manao (Steamed seabass with spicy lime sauce)
  3. Goong Som (Poached prawn in coconut, shallots,chilli and lime broth)

So it was time to make our way to our allocated cooking stations. There are four cooking stations; each is for two students and a spacious station for the instructing Chef. Each station has dramatically designed overhead exhaust fans adding to the overall ambiance of the Sala.

Traditional cooking utensils from made of brass and wood were there ready for meal preparations. So weapons were at the ready, ingredients were at the ready and for the next two and a half hours there was plenty of chopping, grinding, roasting, and pounding, mixing, boiling and tasting to be done. When our time was nearly up, it was time to garnish and serve our concoctions. Lunch is provided for you in the form of your own three dishes along with a good drinks selection. I am happy to say I came away with no food poisoning or sickness and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

At the end of the course everyone is presented with a Thai cookbook with local herbs and spices, a Ginja Cook Souvenir apron and Ginja Cook Master Certificate.

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