Is Thai Food Good For You? Good or Bad?

Thai FoodMany people enjoy Thai food more than any other type of meal. The reasons for this, Thai food is one of the best tasting foods on the earth, due to the fact Thai food has been developed for years and influenced by different cultures.

Everyone can find something they like to eat as a basic part of Thai cuisine. Furthermore, this food is considered healthy by many who stick to it, even when takeaways are taken into account. This is because Thai food uses meat of small animals, which is low-fat, sliced and mixed with different vegetables, creating a healthy explosion of taste which make your senses go wild. Also, Thai food is served with noodles or rice, thus being without all the harmful substances we eat through bread, white flour etc. Nevertheless, not to jump to conclusions, Thai food’s healthy values depend on the type of food eaten in the first place. So, read on to find which Thai cuisine will provide you with best nutrients and least fat.

There are Thai meals which are greasy as they come with pork slices and other fatty meats. However, there are plenty which are perfectly balanced. In fact, Thai food is known for its balancing of meals, usually, if the main dish is
spicy, other dishes will compensate for that, being mild and pleasant for a hungry palate. This balance has contributed to the popularity of Thai food since it adds different tastes and variety.

Many Thai recipes use turmeric, which is a good source of antioxidants, treating and preventing numerous diseases and infections. Thai ginger does wonders for our digestive system, being a valuable ingredient in many Thai dishes. Coriander, which is also used a lot in Thai kitchens, encompasses both of the values the previous two ingredients have, adding some by protecting your heart from many diseases and boosting your appetite. Coconut oil boosts our immunity and metabolism, providing us with priceless omega3 fatty acids.

Finally, lemongrass is yet another part of Thai cuisine which protects us from diseases like cold and flu, as well as arthritis, fungal infections and many others. Therefore, you can only benefi t from consuming Thai dishes, since, in many aspects; these are superior to most other.

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