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Khao Man Gai – Basic, tasty and cheap!

 Khao Man Gai - Basic, tasty and cheap!

Many Thai street food sellers can make good money should they offer a great tasting version of a popular Thai street food, and one of the best money making dishes has to be Khao Man Gai, but it has to be good.

Khao Man Gai stalls are probably the only stalls that give the noodle stalls a run for their money and Khao Man Gai is one if the best Thai street foods to be had, should it be done well. Basically, Khao Man Gai is Thai chicken and rice, so basic, so tasty and also very cheap.

The original Khao Man Gai is Hainanese chicken and rice, a famous dish from Singapore and China, However, the Thai version is exactly the same. First a bowl of rice will be placed on the plate, the rice however is not plain white rice, its rice is boiled in a chicken broth using garlic as flavouring, slices of juicy soft boiled chicken and chicken skin are then placed on top of the rice. Khao Man Gai will always be served with a bowl of chicken soup, and an amazingly delicious sauce made of ginger, garlic, chillies, and thick soy sauce, it is really this sauce that makes Khao Man Gai what it is, without it, it would be a rather bland and boring dish. As is customary with most Thai dishes a couple of slices of cucumber will be added to the side; however, with Khao Man Gai you will get the added bonus of some spring onions, sprigs of fresh coriander and some raw chillies should you wish to add some heat to the dish.

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