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Mieng Kham – A Tasty and refreshing bite sized snack

Mieng Kham – A Tasty and refreshing bite sized snackMieng Kham is a great fun snack, which is fun to eat and healthy too! Originating from the North of Thailand, close to the Burmese border, these leaf-wrapped bite sized snacks are a lovely, unusual and flavoursome dish. Their name simply translates as ‘bite wrapped in a leaves’, ‘Mieng’ means ‘wrapped in leaves’ while ‘Kham’ means ‘Bite’.

Mieng Kham are little betel leaf packets which are filled with dried shrimp, fresh lime, roasted peanuts, small pieces of ginger, sliced chillies, toasted coconut, and shallot, with a spicy tangy sauce. Your taste buds will be left with a sweet, salty, sour, savory and really refreshing experience with each bite.

Although they’re a bit hard to find, you can find Mieng Kham at local markets, all you have to look for are the small plastic bags filled with all the chopped up ingredients and the betel leaves. The next hardest thing to finding Mieng Kham is the actual making of them, but if you do find a stall selling them just get the seller to show you and watch and learn as they assemble small bits of all the ingredient onto the leaf and fold the leaf up so it looks like a little package.

If you do find Mieng Kham on your travels and you’re too shy to ask them how to make them let’s guide you through the process so you can try it for yourself.

1. Take a leaf and pinch in the side then pull the bottom of the leaf round to make a cone shaped pouch.
2. Start adding little quantities of each ingredient into the pouch.  There is no set way or order to the filling up of your leaf, just whichever way takes your fancy.
3. Once you have all your desired ingredients in your leaf pouch, add a teaspoon of the sauce on top.
4. Fold up the rest of the leaf to make a packet then put the whole thing in your mouth, one bite.

Enjoy the taste sensation of Mieng Kham!

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