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My all time favourite Thai dish

My all time favourite Thai dishEver since my first visit to Thailand, now more than 12 years ago, there is one Thai dish, that even the thought of gets my taste buds tingling like crazy. Now not a week passes by without my body needing the fantastically aromatic and extremely tasty Pad Ka Prow!

This dish is a very common, well-known and popular one dish meal and as is usual with Thai’s, they will eat this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In simple terms, Pad Ka Prow is basically a meat based stir fry dish that contains the peppery tasting and very aromatic holy basil leaves together with Thai chili peppers, the amount of which can be adjusted to suit your own personal spiciness liking. Some chefs also add sliced onions and chopped long beans to add a bit of crispiness to the dish.

The most popular Pad Ka-Prows are cooked with beef, chicken or pork, however, it can be made with shrimp, squid or vegetables, they later of which is surprisingly tasty. It is served with steamed rice and usually a few slices of cucumber. However, in my opinion it should be topped off with a fried egg, as when you cut through the centre the stream of yoke that runs into the dish really does compliment the rest of the ingredients.

In my opinion, the best tasting Pad Ka Prows, and the cheapest to be had at 40 baht, are served at the street food shacks, just stop and ask for Pad Ka Prow and they’ll make one for you with the meat of your choice. But remember, if you can’t take your food spicy you must advise them to cook it ‘mai phet’ (not spicy) or you may end up ruining your meal and leaving with your mouth on fire.

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