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Delectable Thai Oriental & Western fusion @Oriental Spoon

Oriental Spoon The Oriental Spoon, Twinpalms Resort Phuket flagship restaurant, is a hip and much talked about Phuket restaurant and bar with its own street entrance, which is ideal for both hotel guests and locals.

The cuisine on offer at this fantastic restaurant is Delectable Thai or Oriental and Western fusion. The restaurant offers stunning double height space with original contemporary Thai art, an air-conditioned wine cellar, long, open-plan martini bar, serious cocktails and most importantly an electric atmosphere with a brilliant buzz.

Oriental Spoon 

Oriental Spoon Restaurant’s menu has very recently been completely renewed and the phuketindex.com team went to interview Mr. Sittichai Jitnatham, Executive Manager of F&B Operations and asked a few questions about how and why they renewed Oriental Spoon Restaurant’s menu…….

Oriental Spoon

1.Can you tell us why you are changing the menu?

We here at Oriental spoon firmly believe we are selling the Thai dream. Western tourists who come here really want to feel the true culture and we are trying to sell the culture to them. Rice is a big part of the culture here and it is an important part of our lives, we want them to learn about this not about wine.

This is why the new concept has come through. Most western people only know about Thai jasmine rice but there are many other options for rice that we Thai people have. Also home cooking, the tourist need to taste what real Thai food is. That is why we have now brought in what is known as a real home cooking chef to cook genuine Thai food for our customers. At the same time we need to increase our revenue. These are the main reasons.

2.How different is the new menu to the old?

The old menu is completely different. Mainly what we had on that menu was all types of Asian foods and also an oyster bar. Now we are trying to sell real home cooked Thai food. However, we do offer some European options such as a grill.

3.How would you describe the new menu?

I would say the new menu is quite easy to describe, home cooked Thai food in a contemporary style. The taste is the same as old style Thai food but it is presented in a more modern way. We are not just trying to sell food here we are trying to sell an experience. If they have a good experience with us they will always have a memory, not only about the food but as a whole dining experience.

I believe if they only have good food, the next day will have forgotten. The experience here is that they can select many different types of rice, for an example we have turmeric rice, which is yellow in colour and good with curries. In our culture we believe that turmeric is very good for the skin and it has been used for many years, this is an experience of culture. If things like this are explained to them I think they will really appreciate it. Another example, maybe you have never seen before, is panda nut rice. This is very good for helping you to relax. People don’t know about this and again this is a culture experience. This is what we are about, selling a dream and selling our culture, instead of just selling food.

4.Are there any dishes from the old that are still on the new?

Yes there are some but they will come with a completely different look. For example Tom Yum Gung which is probably one of the best known Thai dishes! They are still on the menu but we present it in a new way. We have taken 30 dishes and given ourselves a top ten to put on the menu. I have found a big increase in revenue already because of the change. If people are staying with the resort for 2 weeks, they are now coming back more because they want to try all the different types of rice we have. It really is quite fascinating to see the change happen so quickly.

5.Who decided on what should be included in the new menu?

I would say it was team work actually. I have a good chef and we work so well together. We can keep track together of what dishes are selling well. That way we can keep updating the menu until we have it perfect.

6.How long do you intend to keep this menu?

We will not change, but we will update the menu every month. We could possible add maybe 5 items or change 5 items, depending on sales. If specific dishes are proving to be very popular we will obviously keep them. If there are dishes that are not selling then we are able to take them off the menu, and together with the chef will try to bring in something with a new look or a new taste. Personally, I am not 100% happy with what we have now; I still believe our chef can do better.

Every day he is practising and making our dishes what we would call perfect. Remember he is not only working about the taste of the food but also about the look. I think if you come back in a month’s time you will see a different look to the menu and a slightly different taste to the food.

Our recommended dishes from the new menu.

Faed Poo Jar
These duos of crab-meat, ground pork, and spicy salad come in perfectly different tastes in separate crab shells.
Oriental Spoon Tod Mun Goong
Shrimp cakes with Sweet Chili Dip.
Oriental Spoon Chicken Satay
Not to be missed – this is and adaptation of a traditional Balinese recipe. Grilled chicken satay is served with Peanut Sauce and cucumber Salad. A truly unique dish that retains the best of the original recipe!
Oriental Spoon Goong Sarong
Deep fried prawns wrapped in crispy “Mee Sua” Phuket noodle served with Sweet Chili Mango dip. This unique noodle can be found only in Phuket
Oriental Spoon Pla Rad Prik
Literally means chili- covered fish, this is a crispy deep fried fish with tasty chili paste on it. A special recipe from grandmother, she always cooked it for us when we visited her.
Oriental Spoon Goong Phad Nam Ma Kham “Khun Chai”
Sautéed king prawn with tamarind sauce. The favourite dish of Khun Chai, the Director of Food and Beverage! He guarantees that it can be re-ordered if you are not satisfied with it.
Oriental Spoon 
Buffet breakfast: 7:00-10:30 hrs
Dinner: 16:00-23:00 hrs (last orders)
Sunday Brunch: 12:00-15:00 hrs
Bar: 16:00 hrs-late

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