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Recipes – Goong Som

 Recipes - Goong SomGoong Som
Poach prawn in coconut, shallot, chili and lime broth

Goong=Prawn    Som=Sour

I serving


  • Prawns (butterfly shape)  6  pieces
  • Coconut milk  250  milliliters
  • Red Shallots (slices)  2-3  pieces
  • Chilies (slices) more or less to taste  1  pieces
  • Coriander (steams and leaves)  1  pieces
  • Fish sauce  2  stalks
  • Lime juice  (more or less)  1  tablespoon
  • Chicken broth to taste (optional) Add at any time to make your broth thinner.

Cooking Method

  1. Bring coconut milk to a steaming hot (not rolling boil)
  2. Add half of shallot and chili, cook until shallot is translucent
  3. Season with fish sauce, sugar and salt to taste
  4. Quickly add prawn and not over cook them
  5. Turn the heat off and pour down the lime juice
  6. Garnish with shallot, chili and coriander

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