Some Basic Details about Seafood

seafoodBeing here in Thailand, possibly the most popular choice of food when dining out is Seafood. Chill that bottle of white wine and let us take you on the underwater journey to Seafood Heaven.

Seafood is defined as edible fi sh or shellfish. The variety of species living under water is incredible, and this is why seafood is a delicacy; once you acquire the taste, is hard to beat.

All Aboard!


Most people have tried shrimp at some point, possible because it’s the most well-known crustacean. Shrimp is best served warm, grilled with a combination of garlic, olive oil, a hint of lemon, some pepper, and some spices of your own preference. But shrimp keeps its taste most when fried.


Scallops are a delicious shellfish with a delicate taste. Scallops can be prepared in seconds when fl ash frying over high heat. They can be pan seared, broiled, grilled, and sautéed. They are delicious any way they are prepared. The scallop has such a great fl avour it is often prepared and served very simply so as not to overwhelm the taste of the


Lobster, although expensive, is many fish lovers favourite. The most popular way of cooking lobster is boiling or steaming as this will provide a perfect balance between taste and tenderness. Some chefs prefer to steam lobster because boiling it often adds a watery taste that many people who eat it aren’t fond of. Lobster may also be barbecued. All the same, most will eat it in any shape, form or fashion.


Crab has to be the king of seafood. Crab is in much greater demand than other seafood, which to some extent
explains its price. Crab can be cooked in the same ways as lobster.

Dive in

Seafood is a great addition to any diet. If you are already a seafood lover, you do not need convincing. If you haven’t
acquired a flavour just yet, then try each one slowly, cooked, boiled or grilled with a sauce or base that will lessen the
aroma of, well, fish. Before you know it, you will develop an insatiable desire to dive in deeper.

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