A Talk with Head Chef of The Royal Kitchen

Chuchart Thammasatisuk (Leing Wang Teo)

Chef Chuchart - The Royal Kitchen
Chuchart Thammasatisuk (Leing Wang Teo)

Q. When did you start to interested in cooking?
A. “When I was less than 15 years old.”

Q. How did you start persuing your culinary career?

A. “It was about 60 years ago that I began with just being a helper in the kitchen. As there were no cooking schools for me to learn, working in the real kitchen is the only way I can learn how to cook.”

Q. What is your culinary career path?
A. I worked for many years at a number of famous Chinese restaurants throughout Bangkok and also spent some years in Japan and Australia.

Q. Then, when did you start to work for The Royal Kitchen?
A. I flied from Bangkok to Phuket over 20 years ago to find that this is where I would like to live for the rest of my chef life.

Q. Please tell us a little bit about The Royal Kitchen?
A. The Royal Kitchen is part of The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa. We are located on the 25th floor of the Paradise Wing serving a wide range of Chinese cuisine daily for lunch at 11am. to 02pm and dinner at 6pm to 11pm.


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