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‘Alessandro Frau’ chef and owner of Acqua Restaurant Phuket

Alessandro FrauAlessandro Frau
Business: Executive Chef and Owner, Acqua Restaurant Phuket

Taste explosions from the portfolio of Chef Alessandro Frau, of both traditional and contemporary are offered. Italian born, Chef Alessandro, former Executive Chef at the Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket, is an innovative concocter of recipes, whose mission is to deliver an eclectic yet unpretentious selection of dishes.

Acqua restaurant is his conception and he is excited to unveil refined, imaginative dishes that he has been working on over the duration of his career. Acqua restaurant is his vision of the perfect dining place; with informal yet aspirational ambience complemented by a culinary voyage that really is unique.

“I Built my restaurant ‘Acqua’ which contains all the experiences I gathered travelling around the world, my conception of the perfect place in which to satisfy personal culinary needs, in an equally attentive context with a modern design.

Now that I am my own boss I feel freer to create and manage my type of cuisine, my own restaurant, and to put into action what I have learnt during those years in which I travelled the world, coming into contact with different people, characteristic perfumes and smells, ingredients, objects, shapes and sensations, people and emotions… all jealously stored within me and which I can now use as I like.

This was how I founded ‘Acqua’ , a modern Italian restaurant, but which does not neglect tradition and regional specialties, to give a comprehensive choice of that which is Italian cooking, in its development from that which used to be cooked by our ancestors until today, to the great chefs and cooking creativity and evolution.

Although in Thailand, the restaurant has everything: customers can enjoy dishes with fresh artichokes and bottarga, burrata, culatello and fresh figs or spaghetti with sea urchins from Sardinia. This is only a small example of how I wanted to recreate the authenticity of Italian cuisine.

The Menu is composed only of ingredients which undergo constant quality control and which enhance their excellent high level characteristics trying to give the customer continuity and impeccability at all times. The search for ingredients is very important. We never stop looking for the best or the different, keeping ourselves constantly up-to-date on the evolution of materials and cooking methods, in order to surprise the customer always, and also, at the same time, to educate him about that which is new.
Alessandro Frau
The philosophy of cooking is the ingredient, which must be excellent. Then we come to the procession which must be simple, so as not to dominate it, and then, immediately after this, we come to the cooking and presentation, which I always like to be carried out with great care.

The staff is highly qualified, most with experience in 5-star hotels, both in front-of-house and in the kitchen. The wine list offers more than 110 labels from Italy, including all the great and famous wines. Another detail is the choice of a la carte espresso coffee. In fact, here at Acqua we have a selection of three different brands, Illy, Lavazza and Vittoria; something unusual that you don’t often see, but I think it is important to give the customer the chance to select his favourite blend, seeing how important coffee is for Italians”.


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