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Boonsong Srihakul Talented But Hamble

Boonsong Srihakul Talented But HambleBorn in the city of Ayutthaya in central Thailand, Boonsong Srihakul is the talented but humble Souse Chef for IndoChine Phuket’s Waterfront Restaurant, Bistro SaVanh and Deli Café. Boonsong’s interest in cooking began from a very early age when he tells us he regularly visited the many festivals held in Ayutthaya, which even up until now, include cooking contests of Thai food (main dishes and desserts) and auspicious food in various categories; for example, a contest of making spicy sauce, cooking tamarind flavoured soup (Kaeng Som), in which the contestants come from food shops, restaurants, and hotels in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province. Each time he visited he became
more and more inspired to be like the chefs he saw performing and hoped that one day he would be able to compete in the contests himself. A goal he still wishes to achieve even today.

His career as a chef began when he joined the team at Thailand’s most prestigious members only Rajapruek Golf Club. Here he worked his way up from kitchen assistant to Souse Chef at their exclusive Golf Dinning Room, where they served well-prepared ‘a la carte dishes which focused on the best ingredients and healthiest herbs.

Boonsong Srihakul Talented But HambleIt was whilst working at Rajapruek that a friend of Boonsong’s told him of a position, as Souse Chef, which was available within the ever growing IndoChine group. However, if Boonsong wanted the position it would mean he would have to leave his homeland, as the vacancy was for Indochine’s three restaurants in Malaysia. This didn’t deter Boomsong and he jumped at the opportunity and took the position.

During his time in Malaysia Boonsong grew to love and become passionate about Vietnamese cuisine. This was
due to what Boonsong learnt from Head Chef Chookiat Kantha, who is an acclaimed specialist in Vietnamese Cuisine. He taught Bonsong the precise balance of flavours together with fine ingredients and attractive presentations that personify the true taste of Indochinese cuisine.

Boonsong’s career with IndoChine has now lasted more than ten years, which included a short relocation to the group’s two restaurants in Singapore, before moving back to his home country. It is Boonsong’s aim to become Executive Chef for the group.

When he is not busy in the kitchen, Boonsong likes to lead an easy going life and tries not to take things too seriously. “Life is too short to be serious all the time” he says. In his spare time Boonsong likes to go bars and restaurants and listen to his favourite bands play Thai country music, another thing in life that he is very passionate about.
We wish Boonsong the best of luck in achieving his goal of becoming Executive Chef.

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