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Introducing Chef Alongkorn Trangan of SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

Introducing Chef Alongkorn Trangan of SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

Chef Alongkorn Trangan (Korn) honed his skills in the kitchen at a work-study culinary course at Phuket Vocational College. After completing his course, Chef Korn managed to land himself a trainee position at a hotel restaurant here in Phuket, and for the past 20 years, because of his love and passion for cooking, he has gained experience in the kitchen of some of Phuket’s most popular hotel restaurants and progressed to become one of the island’s most sought after hotel chefs.

However, Chef Korn’s reputation is not purely down to his vast experience, his 20 years in kitchens has also seen Chef Korn’s receiving a number of accolades in recognition of his exemplary culinary work, proof of his dedication to continuously strive to better himself and the culinary experiences he wishes to provide.

Chef Korn’s most recent accolade hasn’t seen him receive an award or certificate to store in his trophy cabinet, it’s seen him, for the first time in career, take up the position of Executive Chef at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong, a position he has been chosen for because of his knowledge and high level of competence, and his and the resort’s desire to present new culinary ideas to it’s growing number of guests. It’s also a position which allows him to have pretty much a free rein when it comes to designing the resort’s culinary offerings in each of its 5 outlets. Phuketindex.com recently had the opportunity to talk with Chef Korn’s and try some of the dishes he has recently introduced to SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @patong.

Introducing Chef Alongkorn Trangan of SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

What is your food design concept?

There is one word which I interpret and apply when creating any of my own dishes, Cosmopolitan. I believe that every chef should have their own clear identity when it comes to the style of their food and mine is based on my own Cosmopolitan concept. For me it’s very important to be able to understand the variety of cuisines and ingredients from all around the world and to be able to blend as many of these together to make a dish that people will understand as well as eat. If I’m able to do this, and my food creates an impression to those who are eating it then I feel I have succeeded.

Introducing Chef Alongkorn Trangan of SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

Please tell us about some of the awards you have won

I’ve won a number of awards both prior to and whilst working here at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong. However, I feel it’s more important to tell you about the ones I have won here as they’re not only about me as an individual but as our restaurant team as a whole.

Our General Manager supports the entire restaurant team with their own development, and he wants us all to have the ability to compete in local and national competitions whenever possible. And as a reward for his support our team recently took home 6 medals at the THAIFEX Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2014 – World of Food Asia 2014 at Bangkok. Within this competition our team joined 6 catering and cooking categories and got to show our professional skills to judges from domestic and international cooking institutes, and we came out with at least 1 medal in 5 of the 6 categories; Individual Classic Thai Desserts – Gold, Main Course of Seafood – Bronze, Fruit and Vegetable Carving – Bronze, Main Course of Poultry – Silver and Bronze, and Modern Presentation Thai Cuisine – Bronze.

And more recently, our team was winners of the “Fruit and Vegetable Carving” and “Cocktail Party Menu for 30 people” categories at the Cuisine of Grouper Andaman 2014 which was held at homeWorks Phuket. I believe our success at these 2 recent events confirms that SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL delivers the best food services for customers.

Introducing Chef Alongkorn Trangan of SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

Do you have some dishes you would like to recommend?

There are too many I would like to recommend, but if I have to give one specific dish it would have to be the Hazelnut Pork Tenderloin. This is tender sliced roasted pork tenderloin sprinkled with hazelnuts and baked with three types of cheese, to add a bit of color to the dish it’s filled with a green apple red wine stuffing and topped with a choice of barbecue, plum mousse or blueberry sauce. This is a favorite amongst our worldwide guests, not only because it’s presented like a world class international dish, but also because it has features the sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors famous in Thai cuisine.

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