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Talk with ‘Chef Direk’ the head chef of Concaved Restaurant

Mr.Direk Lintidto
Chef Direk Lintidto

An executive chef, also called the chef de cuisine or head cook, runs the kitchen in a restaurant The duties of an executive chef include training staff, maintaining quality, assigning tasks, ordering supplies and planning meals.

And Mr.Direk Lintidto is Executive Chef of Concaved Restaurant. He is a talented chef makes this restaurant has been appreciated the taste of food. We will talk with him to this path in your career and the inspiration for his cooking.

Chef Direk said “ Previous to working as a chef. I have been working various occupations. Then I began to experience as an assistant chef in a long time. And I have experience cooking from that time, so I came to work at concaved restaurant and get a chance as the head chef. Because of the commitment and the patience is the key to my work.

For inspiration in my cooking came from watching cooking show on television. I feel that being a chef, it’s very cool. And I have been targeted since then, I must be a good chef. Then I also learn and practice cooking a variety of styles. European food is the type of food that I enjoy doing most, but I like to eat Thai food only.

Concaved Restaurant

Finally, I want to tell the new generations of chef, you’ll need a love to cook as much as possible. And to remember that No success has come easy, you must be diligent and learn all the time. I believe that success will happen certainly”

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