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Cultinary expertise from ‘Chef Angelo’

(Phuketindex.com Magazine V.9) Impiana Resort Patong staffs have recently opened their arms to welcome Chef Angelo Magliaro to become part of the team as the Executive Chef looking after the resort’s luxurious fusion of fine dine cuisine.

Executive Chef Angelo is originally from Italy and is an expert in his notable national cuisine with worldwide experience. He began his culinary training at a very young age. During his 22 years in the culinary field, he has traveled and worked in some of the finestkitchens around the globe including Austria, Germany, Mexico and many different parts of Italy.

Chef Angelo’s last stop before Phuket was at the Sheraton Shenzhen in China when the kitchen was awarded as the best Italian restaurant from the China Daily and World Cuisine magazine (in China). He had also been featured many times in popular Italian newspapers such as ‘Il Messaggero’ and appeared on screen in culinary TV shows in Italy such as ‘La Prova del Cuoco’ and ‘Uno Mattina’.

Phuketindex chatted to Angelo recently

chef angelo When and how did you first become interested in cooking?

Chef Angelo: My passion for food started back in my childhood. My mother, she is an excellent cook, so as a kid, I already began to enjoy making my “hands dirty” while helping big “Mama”. Now the relation with the kitchen has become a real passion and this is the way I like to express myself and my feelings.

What about your career path?

My experience as a professional chef started in Italy, at the famous Grand Hotel Helio Cabala in Marino (Rome). I have to say that I was very lucky to have as Master Chefs some of the best, worldwide-known Italian chefs such as Gianfranco Vissani, Gualtiero Marchesi, Sergio Mei and Antonello Colonna; all chefs whose restaurants received ‘Michelin Stars’.

My other experiences, that surely need to be mentioned, are at the five star Hotel Schwaitlalm in Salzburg where I was focused on Austrian cuisine and the ‘Raffaello’ restaurant in Mexico city where I had the chance to develop a good knowledge of Latin and South American cuisine.

After that I moved to Germany in Mainburg where I spent another two years in a German kitchen. Another experience, which helped me to develop my passion and knowledge for food, was working with the UN and the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) and my last employment, before Impiana Resort Phuket, was at the Sheraton Shenzhen in China.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Chef Angelo: It is the result of my experience in two different worlds: Italian and Asian cuisine mixed together like making sauce for Italian dishes with curry, basil, and lemongrass.

What is the characteristic of your own creations?

Chef Angelo: As I’m an Italian native, I prefer to keep the taste of my food authentic. For me, it’s not the presentation but taste that is far more important. However when I came to ‘Sala Bua’, taste and presentation have to combine together.

Who have been the biggest inspirations for your career?

Chef Angelo: Mama has inspired me a lot as I told. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mum since
I was very young. I learnt more and more about cooking from her. She’s very good at cooking fi sh and that is the reason why my favourite dishes are all fish.

What made you decide to join Impiana Phuket?

Chef Angelo: I have been in Thailand before and can’t help falling in love with it. Impiana Resort, where I chose to stay at that time, left me a good impression so I decided to come back again but now as a chef, not guest.

What is the best part of your job?

Chef Angelo: I will be very happy to see the guests enjoy their time or dinner with my food.

Please tell us about a memorable experience in your career life?

Chef Angelo: It was when I had a chance to run cooking shows on international channels while I still was in Italy. It was fun and a good experience.

What is your suggestion for those who want to become a chef?

Chef Angelo: Enjoy your life, job and meals!

What is your next goal?

Chef Angelo: To work as a chef on the moon!

Thank you Chef Angelo for this interview and we wish
you success with “Impiana Phuket Resort”.


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