A wide spectrum of styles and music from ‘Dj Kensho’

You can find a talented young DJ called ‘Dj Kensho’ at the party filled with fun rhythm and most advanced in the various events of Phuket for example Indigo Pearl, White Sand, White Box, and much more.

…This is his story…

Dj Kensho or DJK started his 1st residency back in 1996. This former Mc turned DJ has built up a solid reputation in the UK, Europe & Asia specializing in sophisticated Ambient Chill; Nu Jazz; Hip Hop ; Funk; Soul; Breaks & beats.

Essentially there are two sides to Kensho with a wide spectrum of styles and music available from lazy sundown lounge to upfront House & electro.

He has spent the past 4 years living & working in Thailand with a long list of residencies clubs and bars under his belt.

Bio & Music Philosophy

DjK has many influences in music ,coming from a strong 15 year  hip hop, funk & turntablist background in The UK. He  has become well known for his diverse selection of  styles , Sounds & Audio visual Shows.

Artists that have had a big impact and inspired him would be: Cold Cut; Dj Krush; LTJ Bukem ; Fake Blood; Dj Food : Krafty Kuts ; Dj Enferno ; Mike relm &  DJ Shadow, amongst other great artists.

Not only a dj, Kensho also produces his own sounds; when he is not djing you can find him hard at work in the studio.

He collaborates with a group of artists, singers & djs in Phuket called The Siam Syndicate.


  1. where exactly is white sands beach and indigo pearl?, im visiting phuket in 2 weeks and am also a keen eclectic music lover, would love to check out Kensho’s tunes.


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