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Gourmet Executive Chef ‘Tummanoon Punchun’

Executive Chef Tummanoon Punchun

Executive Chef Tummanoon Punchun joined Mom Tri’s Boathouse in 1989 and became Executive Chef in 1994. A well-known Chef of Thai and French cuisine, he polishes his skills regularly during travels in Europe and Asia. His weekend culinary workshop established itself as one of the most popular Thai cooking classes in the country.

Praised by critics in publications such as the Times of London, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, he published his most popular recipes in the Boathouse Cookbook. Over the years, numerous appearances as Guest Chef and at Thai cooking exhibitions in Europe and Asia made Chef Tummanoon one of the most sought-after Chefs in Thailand and established his position as an expert Thai and French Gourmet Chef.

The Boathouse

Executive Chef Tummanoon Punchun Interview

  • Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Tummanoon Punchun, I’m the Executive Chef at Mom Tri’s Boathouse. I’m 40 years old now and I’ve worked here at the Boathouse since the opening in 1989.

  • Where does your passion for your work show?

In Thailand the local food is very interesting and varied. We have many different kind of dishes and all of them good. I like to get to know new things. It is exciting to try everything and to offer traditional dishes but with a new twist to our guests. Also Thai food is healthy and has a fresh taste, so many of our guests want to learn how to make things like that at home. I really enjoy teaching visitors about Thai cooking.

  • What kind of food you offer at Mom Tri’s Boathouse restaurant and what is your signature dish?

At the Boathouse Wine & Grill we offer French, Mediterranean, Thai and seafood dishes. My signature dish is Rock Lobster Ravioli that I serve for example with a creamy morel mushroom sauce.

  • Do you have any experiences that made you proud to be a chef?

Yes, I went abroad many times for additional training, I was proud that, being a chef, I had the opportunity to have that experience. In France I went for on the job training at a very famous Château in Lyon. When I returned I used my experiences and what I learned there to refine not only my western but also my Thai recipes in the Boathouse.

  • Do you have any hobby besides cooking?

My hobby is to take care of my plants; I really like gardening in my free time. Also I collect salt & pepper shakers. I like to travel as I can always find some new salt & pepper container styles.

  • How is your personality in the kitchen?

Hm… you would have to ask my staff.  I always try to be polite to everybody but in my kitchen I have to be strong at times as we have to serve food to our guests always perfect and on time.

  • In your opinion what does it mean “cooking” ?

Cooking to me is like an art; each dish we cook is a creation. I like to cook for people and when they really enjoy their food I’m very happy.


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