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Get to know ‘Executive Chef Nathan Chilcott’ of Renaissance Phuket

‘Cook with passion’. This is my daily mantra and I suggest it to anyone who enjoys cooking. Personally, my passion for cooking comes from a mix of love, enjoyment, drive, and celebration for taste. Every meal I create is inspired by a conjured emotion of those ingredients.

Cooking is my life and as a third generation chef the love of food was established at an early age. In fact, one of my first memories in a professional kitchen was of my father turning over a large stockpot for me to stand on so that I could reach the dirty dishes in the sink to clean. I guess I learned early that a good chef is a clean chef!

Born and raised on the southern end of the Gold Coast Australia, I was brought up by two food orientated parents. Given that both of my parent’s careers were in the hospitality industry it may not come as a surprise that I felt destined to become a chef. In fact, I can’t recall wanting to do anything else with my life. I started my formal chef training as an apprentice at Conrad Jupiter’s Casino, Gold Coast. I humbly excelled and was recognized with accolades such as Apprentice of the Year and winning National Culinary Awards.

As if it was my ‘right of passage’, four days after qualifying as a chef I left Australia destined for Europe in the hopes of broaden my knowledge of the culinary world. My dreams were fulfilled; I can now say that I have worked in Austria, France, Portugal, China and England. Indeed England introduced me to my most challenging career position – working for Gordon Ramsey. I began working for Ramsey’s two Michelin star restaurant Petrus and learnt that striving for perfection was a daily necessity. The standard was high but I embraced every month, every day, and every grueling hour in that high-pressure kitchen!

After Petrus I was lucky enough to combined my love of travel and cooking and became a Private Chef on several luxury super yachts. I traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean cooking for royals and the wealthy elite.

Now with the Marriot Group (Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa), I am able to combine my knowledge of world cuisine and my first hand culinary experience to create an exceptional and memorable five star dining experience for our diners and hotel guests.

Remember food is a lifestyle: It is for everyone to enjoy with the lure to pull people together. So go on, stimulate your taste buds, cook with passion!

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