Get to know Chef Peppe and his sense of humour through nine questions

Gluseppe Gigantino, Executive Chef and Director of Pavarotti Ristorante & Pizzeria

Peppe is the Executive Chef and Director of Pavarotti Ristorante & Pizzeria, a homey restaurant serving Italian cuisine and homemade pasta in Kamala, Phuket.

1. Where did you learn cooking?

Peppe: I learned cooking and and got a Chef’s Diploma in Nocera Superiore, Salerno in the Campania, south-western Italy.

2. Why is has to be a chef?

Peppe: I enjoy cooking and love to share my passion and creations with people. It never changes.

3. In you opinion, what is the best match between Food and Drink?

Peppe: Fettuccine truffle sauce served with Nero D’avola Cusumano wine is something to die for.

4. What is the best sexual aphrodisiac dish?

Peppe: What about sliced melon with Provolone cheese on a nice Risotto? To drink I would recommend a good pink champagne that usually makes me hot. Would you like to try it with me now?

5. (No, thanks!) How about your favourite food? Is it something to make you hot?

Peppe: Hey! Let’s get out of that for a while. Actually I am a very easy going person. Basic foods from mother earth appeal to me a lot. Farmer style sliced spaghetti with beans is my favourite.

6. What are your favourite cooking gadgets?

Peppe: I am not really into gadgets. I think they just clutter up my kitchen. But if you want my answer, I would say a good sharp knife and a large cutting board are the must for people life me. However, I’d much rather have a portion of fine Parmesan cheese that I can work with.

7. Imagine if you had your own cooking show, what would it named?

Peppe: How about “Little Peppe”? Sounds decent? But it would be teaching others to cook just like me, right?

8. How do you feel when you put your chef’s hat on? Proud?

Peppe: Taller of course!

9. What would be your last meal before you were dead, if our world was going to the end in a minute?

Peppe: Oh dear! It is? One minute is not much time so I’d better make it simple. How about Fettucine with Tiger Prawns in Limoncello sauce? I love the taste of lemon.

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