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Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng Restaurant

Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng RestaurantThroughout the month of August 2013 Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa’s Takieng Restaurant is proud to offer a special seasonal ‘Local Phuket Discovery Menu’ which features a range of dishes using Poo Jak-ka-jan or Red Frog Crab, a crab which is available in Phuket throughout the year but is in abundance from July to October.

These red/orange coloured, edible, wild-caught crabs are most commonly found on the southwestern coast of Mindanao in the Philippines, the eastern coast of Africa, across the Indian Ocean to Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Hawaii. However, Phuket is also lucky enough to also have a breeding ground for this fairly rare species of crab close to Sarasin Bridge, the connection point for Phuket to the mainland.

The crabs have long, almost goblet-shaped shells and spanner-shaped front claws which are quite distinctive. In addition, unlike other crabs, which move in a sideways motion, spanner crabs move forwards and backwards.

When cooked, the crab’s shell turns a bright orange colour, and the flesh which is translucent when raw turns white, it has a distinctive, sweet flavour, low oiliness and is extremely soft and moist.

Red Frog Crabs are best cooked steamed, poached or boiled and as per the dishes on this delectable menu the meat is perfect for salads, soups, or in dishes where it is just gently warmed.

Being a restaurant that prides itself on offering authentic Thai dishes, Red Frog Crabs are the perfect ingredient for a number of its authentic Thai dishes as they match perfectly with a number of the most popular Thai ingredients such as peppercorns, chilli, coconut, fish sauce, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, lime, onion, soy sauce etc.

The Menu

Kaeng Deang Poo Jak-ka-jan/Red Frog Crab Red Curry

Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng Restaurant
A spicy, coconut cream-based curry that traditionally represents curry for many Thais. Flavored with coconut milk, sweet basil and red chilli it is a harmonious dish with the crab. The dish is served with local rice noodles.

Poo Jak-ka-jan Phad Prik Thai On/Stir fried Red Frog Crab with peppercorn, onion, capsicum and garlic

Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng Restaurant
A delightfully fresh and popular Thai stir-fry dish which boasts and amazing contrast of flavours and textures.

Tom kha poo Jak-ka-jan/Coconut Soup with Red Frog Crab

Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng Restaurant
This is a mouthwatering Thai coconut soup famous for its intense and aromatic flavors and its rich and creamy coconut-infused broth. The dish has the unique flavor of galangal which makes for a heavenly taste.

Poo Jak-ka-jan Neung Ma-nao/Steamed Red Frog Crab with Lime Dressing

Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng Restaurant
A delicious, refreshing and healthy Thai dish which is perfect for those who like a spicy taste as the crab is served with an aromatic spicy herb dressing.

Yum Poo Jak-ka-jan/Thai Style Red Frog Grab Salad

Local Phuket Discovery Menu at Takieng Restaurant
An authentic Thai style sour, sweet, salty and spicy grilled crab salad with a dressing made of fish sauce, lime juice and lemongrass. Taste buds are simultaneously treated to salty, sour, spicy, sweet, and savoury notes.

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