Phuket Brasserie: Anything for Everyone

Alain Tabruyn
Alain Tabruyn - The Owner of Phuket Brasserie

It’s an effort and intention of the owner to make the ‘Brasserie’ belong to everyone. “Brasserie may be new to Phuket but I hope it becomes the place everybody knows and visits regularly within two years after the opening.

It’s not only a restaurant but it’s a place where you can relax, enjoy a glass of wine, socialize with your best friends, talking about your last love or new love and whatever topics you like.” said Alain Tabruyn, the owner. ‘Brasserie’ is a type of restaurant that is not that familiar in Thailand but is very common in Europe. I am not sure if there are any other real brasseries in others part of Thailand or not, but for Phuket this is one of the very few.

Phuket Brasserie
Formed from Alain’s imagination, it has a laid back atmosphere, but still features a nice corner where you can have level up experience if you want. You can have lobster or oyster, wine or champagne or beer. “Everything is possible here”. The ‘Brasserie’ is divided into four different zones, roughly. Going from the front, it is an oyster bar, a restaurant with customizable tables, a wine bar and a beer bar.

The back of the restaurant is an indoor area that is decorated to look like a backyard. It boasts a strong French garden motif with an optimistically yellow-painted wall coupled with manicured trees and numerous chairs to relax on.

The main focus however has to be the stunning bar that serves more than 32 different Belgian beers “which are unknown in Phuket until today, but they are very famous in some parts of the world, of course in Belgium” told Belgian native Alain who has a strong passion to make Belgian beer more available in Phuket. He explained to us the reason why there are more than 8000 beers in a very small country and stressed “It’s Belgian’s tradition. We consider beer just the same way as French consider wine.”

Phuket BrasserieBelgian beers have a long history and offer different tastes with the degree of alcohol that ranges up to 15 percent. So it requires different ways to drink each beer and also different dishes to pair with. At ‘Brasserie’, everything is homemade and top quality.

The menu will be changed frequently but the highlights e.g. world’s famous “Moules frites” from Belgium, some typical Belgian dishes and the basic dishes like steak & lobster will remain. The funny thing but excellent idea about the restaurant is the steak that is not strict. You can either order 100 grams for yourself (if you happen to have only 200 baht left in your pocket) or as much as you can eat like a whole kilo to feed your starving stomach (oh I love to hear this).

Note that your meat might be shown around the restaurant! Unlike many restaurants, ‘Brasserie’ style is easy going, open and flexible. Sometimes, it may be too old fashioned for you, sometimes it’s not. It can also have a Thai DJ at weekends, be 60’s style to recall your memories or be a white party, a magician night, as well as a Thai movie star night, but something always happens after 11.

The ‘Brasserie’ is that kind of place where everybody can come for just a cup of coffee and sit back for hours or simply have top food which will be served in a simple but nice presentation, while enjoying free Wi-Fi everywhere within the Brasserie at the maximum speed you can have in Phuket. A Wi-Fi printer is also available for your business meeting or an urgent need. ‘Brasserie’ is located just a few steps away from the Fountain Circle on Rassada Road near the banks & fresh market in Phuket Old Town area. Have fun!


18 Rassada Rd., T.Talandnua, Muang,
Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 76 210 511
Fax: +66 (0) 76 383 452


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