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The charming seafood of Phuket at Savoey Seafood

When we talk about Patong, people automatically think of the beautiful sea, cool breeze and warm sun. But there is one more thing that you should not forget, the seafood. Many people visit Patong to try the delicious fresh seafood it has to offer. Because this island is a province with a sea landscape, the fresh and delicious seafood is of course second to none.

Today, the Phuketindex team had the opportunity to try the some of the charming seafood Phuket has to offer, at possibly the best seafood restaurant on the island. That restaurant is Savoey Seafood restaurant, a restaurant that is very famous all over Phuket. Whoever comes to taste the seafood of Phuket must come here. We were lucky enough to try the following dishes from the menu:

Crab stir-fried with curry powder

The crab meat is very fresh. Therefore the Crab meat is conglomerate and sweet. This combined with the fragrant smell of curry powder, made the dish even more delicious.

White snapper steamed with lime juice and chili sauce

A combination of taste! Lead by sour and followed by a spicy, salty and sweet. Very fresh fish meat, absolute harmony.

Baked mixed seafood (mussel, crab, lobster, tiger prawn)

With ingredients that are fresh, it gives such a naturally sweet flavor. When eaten it is with 3 sauces, making this seafood dish more complete. Dipping sauces (sweet/sour & sour/spicy & sweet & spicy)

Tiger prawn bake with butter and garlic sauce

The sweet smell of tiger prawn mixed with the aroma of the butter & garlic sauce. This is a delicious dish.

Mai Thai

Savoey would like to inform readers that it is not just only Savoey that they would like you to visit. They are also the owners of Beach House Restaurant and Concaved Restaurant. Both of these restaurants are located on Patong Beach Road and offer a relaxing atmosphere with great sea views, complemented with delicious food from the restaurant.  There is also their coffee shop that offers you a variety of drinks and freshly baked items.

They are also pleased to announce that they also have their newest restaurant in the chain, located in Baan Kalim, Baan Kalim Seafood is located on an elegant corner overlooking the beaches of Patong and Kalim.


Many thanks:

Supit Jarrarith, Restaurant Manager


Open daily

Monday – Sunday

6.30pm. – 12.00pm.

Telephone : +66 076 341171

Fax : +66 076 340231

Web site : http://www.savoeyseafood.com

Email : info@savoeyseafood.com

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