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Mom Tri’s Restaurants win International Wine Awards for 2010

A toast to Mom Tri for his four award-winning restaurants in Phuket.

Once again Mom Tri’s gourmet restaurants have been honoured by the prestigious Wine Spectator. For the fifth consecutive year Mom Tri’s Boathouse is again sole winner in Phuket of the Wine Spectator ‘Best of Award of Excellence’. Mom Tri’s Kitchen – also for the fifth consecutive year – and Mom Tri’s Oasis for the second consecutive year have won the ‘Award of Excellence’. Newly opened, New York Times’ recommended Mom Tri’s Boathouse Regatta, celebrates winning its first ‘Award of Excellence’.

What does it take to get a Wine Spectator Award … or four?

Georges Ciret, Wine Director of Mom Tri’s gourmet restaurants elaborates.
“We are proud and delighted with these awards. It has been a long process that started more than 20 years ago with the creation of Phuket’s first wine cellars. Mom Tri could not imagine owning a restaurant without a fully equipped wine cellar.”

Mom Tri’s passion drove him to reach for the best. He spared no expense to create a wine cellar that received accolades from international wine experts. Today Mom Tri’s Kitchen lists over 350 wines and the Boathouse 820, including a Roman้e-Conti Grand Cru ’91 and Chโteaux Latour ‘82.

“Our price range is extensive in order to allow our guests to select a bottle of wine suited to their liking and the occasion. Prestigious labels and beautiful vintages enhance luxurious and festive events.

“Our wine lists are alive; continuously evolving and incorporating fashionable wine trends including organic, fruit and ice wines and a rotating selection of over 40 wines by the glass.

“Hopefully, in the near future, there will be a reduction of taxes and import duties currently amounting to about 400%. It would then enable us to develop our wine list even further.”

Mom Tri’s four restaurants today reflect his original vision of creating gourmet restaurants with magnificent wine cellars and spectacular waterfront views yet each retaining their own distinctive style.

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